Fans Take A Jibe At Mahira Khan's Brand For Being 'Ridiculously Overpriced'

Mahira Khan has come out with a clothing brand and the fans are not amused. The actress took to social media to announce the release of her first clothing line ‘M by Mahira’. The clothing lines feature an elaborate series of white kurta and white dupattas heavily inspired by the aura of the 90s. The brand thrives on designing minimalist and crafty pieces to elevate your daily wardrobe. However, there is a catch.

‘M By Mahira’

Mahira’s fashion sense needs no introduction. The actress has inspired us to step outside our comfort zone time and again and has served some major looks both onscreen and offscreen over the years. The same is the case with her clothing line, even though she hasn’t managed to make our jaws drop. The femininity and essence of her aura can be seen reflected in her designs. However, one thing that has put the nail in the coffin is the price point. For a white kurta with minimalistic embroidery, the price range of the entire collection is bonkers starting from as low as Rs.12000 and going all the way to Rs.25000.

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Fans React To ‘M By Mahira’

While the brand has managed to call out the brand for being overpriced and overrated and truth be told we kind of agree with the public’s stance. There are quite a few ways to stand out while launching a clothing brand releasing overpriced white kurta’s is surely not one of them.

“Log pagal hain jo in tags aur brand k peechay bhagtay hain. Ye aam se kapre hazaron m khareed lenge aur ghareeb ko 100 rupiya extra dene m mout aati hain.” One user wrote.

“Itny expensive .. this is too much .. itna mehanga kapra b ni banta jitni yh loog prize set kar laity hain”

Meanwhile, many were amused to highlight that people who thrive on names and brands will surely get their hands on the designs as soon as they get the chance.

What are your views regarding the brand? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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