Image Source: Lollywood City

A day after opening its first and flagship location in Phase 6 of DHA on Friday, the renowned Canadian coffee company Tim Hortons in Lahore recently saw huge lines of customers. When Tim Hortons launched amid complaints about rising inflation, the long lineups of customers caused some eyebrows to be raised. After this, people wondered if Pakistan was actually going broke or not.

Image Source: Lollywood City

Tim Hortons’ launch happened a few days after a man died in a stampede while in line to buy flour for his family. Some individuals shared videos of long lines at Tim Hortons and at grain stores to emphasize the dire economic situation in the nation, which they attribute to the Pakistani elite’s love of Western coffee brands. However, the condition caused an uproar on the internet. People were comparing the current economic downturn and questioning the government’s claims of increased inflation. Here are some of those reactions.

Famous actor and singer, Farhan Saeed, also tweeted about the crisis and his tweet has been going viral. People agree with him and say that he’s speaking facts.

Other than reacting to the surprising economic conditions of Pakistan, people were also tweeting about how overrated Tim Hortons is. Critics said that Lahoris will go crazy about anything and everything. Here have a look!

On the other end of the spectrum, some people on Twitter are supporting Lahoris saying that everyone should let the city enjoy a coffee shop opening if they want to.

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