There is no doubt about the fact that Mahira Khan rules most of the hearts in Pakistan, be it her naturally beautiful smile, her soothing voice, or her commendable acting skills.

However, there will always be haters and haters will always hate.

Last time, senior Pakistani actor Firdous Jamal came under some serious spotlight for his demeaning comments on Mahira on a morning show hosted by Faysal Qureshi.

#supportfirdousjamal Takes Over Social Media After Hum TV Head Bans Veteran Actor

While there were people who agreed with Jamal Sahab, many celebrities and fans showed great support towards Mahira Khan. However, the wrath of this Superstar’s  fans is pointing towards a Twitter user this time.

Read this tweet and you’ll know why:

In a developing society where mental health awareness is increasing slowly and gradually, you can’t really get away with such hideous comparisons.

Take a look at how people stood up for Mahira Khan and reprimanded the original poster for making such a ridiculous, insensitive analogy:

Many were also of the opinion that there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting excited over the beauty of nature.

What are your thoughts on the story?

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