Famous Turkish Celebrity DJ Kantik Gets Engaged to a Pakistani Girl

turkish celebrity

The trend of cross-cultural weddings has taken Pakistan by storm with a number of foreigners finding love in our homeland.

Recently, the news of two women in U.S.A marrying men in Pakistan created a huge buzz on social media.

Now, a Turkish heartthrob has recently been engaged in Lahore and pictures of the adorable couple are all that the internet has been raving about!

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Apparently, the Turk musician Ferhat Kantik is a Disc Jockey, aka DJ Kantik and was recently performing in various cities of Pakistan

He also shared the stage with Gul Panra in a gig held in Balochistan’s University.

Rumors are that it was during one of his shows, he found his ladylove in Lahore.

Taking to Instagram, Kantik wrote:

My Engagement ceremony and I am very happy.May ALLAH shower all his blessings on us.

We must admit that the DJ and the Lahori girl make a super cute couple!

turkish celebrity turkish celebrity

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Born in Manisa, Turkey, DJ Kantik kickstarted his career 2005 and has performed worldwide in more than 40 countries. The musician has quite a fan base in Pakistan and with recent engagement, his following is bound to increase by manifolds.

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