Fahad Mustafa is a name that needs no introduction. The most-loved game show host has become a household name with Jeeto Pakistan.

His takki thikki moves, his humor, his brilliant acting skills, his looks, his style and whatever he does is always a hit with the audiences.

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People love him, adore him and follow him, and in return he makes sure to keep entertaining them with his amazing work.

Youngsters look up to him when it comes to style and fashion. Fahad is definitely one of those celebs who work hard on themselves and it is also evident from his transformation.

This time, it is his new look which is making rounds on social media. People can’t help but love their favorite celebrity’s hot makeover.





Fahad Mustafa tries a new look #JeetoPakistan

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Be You…. The world will adjust 😎

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Doesn’t he look ahhhh-mazing? Well, to us his killer looks are definitely droolworthy.

Fans on social media can’t help but shower his picture with compliments. Here’s how some people have commented:

Fans love him.

They really do!

He is very handsome, indeed!

Poori qaum kay jaaanu!

And the bomb-est comment of all!

The picture is literally loaded with compliments.

The internet can be harsh at times but when it showers its love upon a celebrity, it is also pretty evident.

Fahad is definitely a star who’s loved for his appearances on television, on the silver screen and for his down to earth nature. The way he treats his fans is impeccable and you can see a glimpse of it on his game show. Never a selfie request from a fan has gone unattended by Fahad. If you haven’t noticed this already then watch his game show and check out yourself.

Fahad Mustafa’s Dramatic Transformation Over The Years is Unbelievable!

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