Fahad mustafa

Fahad Mustafa has found himself in the eye of a social media storm after various local publications called him out for taking #Metoo movement and harassment way too casually on his show ‘Jeeto Pakistan’.

A video is going viral featuring Fahad along with his guests, Faysal Quraishi, and Aijaz Aslam and it has ignited a major heat on social media.

While Faysal and Aijaz playfully chased him on the sets of the game show, Fahad made an insensitive joke that appeared distasteful and crude to the media.

 “Mein kaFacebook pe harassment ka case karun ga tum pe. Beta,

ye in chal raha hai. Kal to dekho tum log.”

Watch the video for yourself here.

The viral clipped sparked a major debate as social media expressed anger over Fahad taking the matter lightly.

However, a large number of Fahad Mustafa fans rose in his favor and highlighted that it was all unintentional and done in light humor.

fahad mustafa harassment

fahad mustafa harassment

fahad mustafa harassment

fahad mustafa harassment

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