The pandemic of fake news has taken the Internet by storm, it has become a difficult task for Facebook to filter out the authentic news reports from the fake ones.

In order to curb such news, Facebook has now started to block advertisements from pages that contribute towards the spread of this ongoing issue.

Advertisers are not allowed by Facebook that run ads containing a link to the false stories. It is, however, using third-party checkers to pick the fake news circulating on the popular social networking site. Facebook has taken further action by cutting down on the financial incentives for such pages.

Those pages who had previously shared fake news through their ads have been officially banned by Facebook to run any ads. However, regular monitoring will be held and those who stop sharing fake reports and news will be allowed to run advertisements again.

Fake news became a serious issue in last year’s US election campaign, when clearly fraudulent stories circulated on social media, potentially swaying some voters.

‘Click baits’, hoaxes and misinformation generate revenue from online advertising using make-to-believe news stories. There were also some concerns involving the elections happening in Europe during the year.


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