Expo 2020 Dubai: Explore secret spots with Dh65 guided tours
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You can now Dubai Expo with guided tours to get a more enriched experience and behind the scenes of all the pavilions. The tour can be booked on the Expo 2020 website.

Tour Packages 

Residents and tourists can book a tour for Dh65. The information is available on the Expo 2020 website. The visitors have an option to select from a biking tour or a strolling tour.

The tour packages are divided into two; an essential tour and a half-day tour.

The Half Day Tour 

The half-day tour costs Dh 65 per person. The half-day walking tour will allow the visitors to experience one thematic pavilion out of these three— Terra, Mission Possible, or Alif — with 15 stops during the journey. The tour takes just over three hours to complete.

Visitors who wish to experience all three pavilions can book a tour for Dh120 per head. At every thematic pavilion, the tour information will clarify the means and concepts behind the buildings. The tour has 25 stops and can take guests via the varied sights at Expo as it takes three to six hours to complete.

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Each country’s pavilion is constructed in a particular approach and has a message behind it.”The tour guides can take the visitors on a whole different journey,” stated Mohammad Elleithy, tour information at Expo 2020.

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“Take the Korean pavilion. A customer will assume it’s a spinning dice. Nevertheless, it has a narrative behind it. Something like man pavilion is constructed in the form of a frankincense tree, which is notable for Oman. There can also be an actual frankincense tree at entrance of the pavilion.”

The Turkmenistan pavilion has five horse sculptures on the entrance. However, few folks would possibly know that it results from a horse being the nation’s nationwide animal.

The strolling tour begins on the gates of the thematic pavilions and ends at Al Wasl Plaza, where guests can study just a few tidbits concerning the beating heart of the Expo 2020 website.

Image source: khaleejtimes.com

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Cycling excursions

The bicycle tour bundle is free and may be booked online. The timings can be chosen based on the visitor’s preference. The biking excursions include seven stops throughout the journey.

Fourteen people per group can take part in the biking tour. Two timeslots can be found: 10 am and 4 pm for Arabic-speaking tour information and 10.10 am and 4.10 pm for English-speaking tour information.

Maria, a Danish ex-pat and Dubai resident, explored the Expo with her family and friends on a bicycle tour.

“Once you get on the bicycle tour, you know what you must visit. It is definitely a good idea to have a guide who gives some interesting facts about the Expo,” she stated.

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