Former Israeli space security chief says extraterrestrials exist
Image Source: NASA

We have heard numerous news about aliens recently. The internet has been infiltrated with numerous rumors, hoaxes, and conspiracy theories that claim to be the truth about aliens and extraterrestrials.

Ex Israeli Space Chief makes claims about aliens
Image Source: Airspace Magazine
Image Source: Airspace Magazine

Several months back, Pentagon confirmed the existence of UFOs & Aliens and also validated the legitimacy of certain videos floating on the internet and released a video capturing three unidentified floating objects in the sky.

Those videos were claimed to be shot by the US Navy years ago. What’s more fascinating was that the Internet did not respond as expected since the Corona Virus pandemic was lifting its head, and the year 2020 was taking the world through weird turns with each passing day.

So What Is This New Information And Why Should We Take Them Seriously?

Now today, Haim Eshed, who is a Former Israeli Space Agency’s Security Cheif gave an interview to the Israeli paper, Yedioth Aharonoth, where he made claims about cooperation agreements that have been signed between the two species and tells the newspaper that there is also an underground base in Mars where several American Space Representatives, Astronauts and Alien Representatives reside.

The personnel also claims that President Donald Trump knows about all this information and wanted to announce it to the public but was halted by his advisors as this will cause chaos and hysteria on humanity.

Even though the information provided by Eshed sounds straight out of a Hollywood action movie, it is essential to note that he was responsible for numerous space missions and was part of the team that lead the launch of multiple satellites belonging to Israel into space. He now claims that the reason why he is finally revealing this information is that people are more aware and take these information more responsively.

He also says that if he had come to the public with the same information five years ago, he would have been ridiculed and even hospitalized for sharing all these pieces of communication with the public. Now that the people are more receptive to this information, he shares it now as he has nothing to lose. He also said that he is well-reputed, known worldwide, and has received numerous awards and praises, and hence is not afraid of any possible consequences.

So what do you think about all these revelations regarding aliens and extraterrestrials that have been revealed to us in the past few months?

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