entertainment trends in pakistan

Left, right and center, the constant innovation and creativity in the worldwide entertainment industry have deeply influenced the digital content!

Where every year a number of trends arise that outclass all the others when it comes to popularity, 2018 also brought many innovative concepts in our entertainment world and drifted away from the audience from the old-school notions.

Here’s a List of 5 Entertainment Trends That Dominated 2018!

  1. Web Series

In the age where the internet has literally taken over everything, Web Series remained the most popular entertainment trend in 2018.

Netflix was flooded with over 100 of its original web series and it also launched its famous first Indian drama series, Sacred Games, starring Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

‘Middle Se Ooper’, a short film by Kenwood, took internet by storm on YouTube due to its innovative approach towards storytelling. It depicted the hilarious everyday life story of a family who try to adjust in to a new lifestyle after moving to a branded house.

Starring Hamza Ali Abbasi and Emily Blunt, Pakistani based production company, Wingman Films, is collaborating with Hollywood to produce a supernatural-thriller web series, Djinn, which is expected to be the first Pakistani representation at the global streaming networks.

The producer of Balu Mahi, Sadia Jabbar has also announced her first Web Series, ‘Shameless Proposals’. This episodic series, in collaboration with BVC media, will highlight the social stereotypes a girl face when it comes to typical rishta proposals.

  1. Celebrity Talk Shows on YouTube

The trend of having a tete-a-tete with a celebrity in a web talk show was reached new heights of popularity this year.

‘Speak Your Heart with Samina Peerzada’, hosted by the veteran actress invited many stars from our industry and have millions of views on YouTube.

The hilarious interviews of celebrities by Wajahat Rauf as the Voice Over Man remains quite popular on YouTube. From the superstar Humayun Saeed to the famous Pakistani vlogger Irfan Junejo, these episodic talk shows invite the most trending celebrities and are absolutely a treat to watch.

  1. Item Numbers Going Out of Fashion

Remember when a film was considered incomplete without an item number? Well, not anymore because there has been a decline in the inclusion of such songs in Pakistani films from the past year.

Starring Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat, the 2018 Load Wedding received rave reviews from the critics and was well-liked by the audience even if it didn’t feature any item song.

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And the song ‘Main Item Number Nahi Karungi’ from the blockbuster movie of 2018, Teefa in Trouble, speaks for itself!

  1. Drama Against Child Abuse & Rape

The trend of highlighting social evils through digital content has been in from quite some time and many super hit dramas have been produced meanwhile.

Unfortunately, given an increase in the number of child abuse and rape cases that have been reported in Pakistan, many dramas were produced focusing on the said issue. The Zainab Murder Case triggered the need to shed light on this highly sensitive topic.

The critically acclaimed serial Udaari became the pioneer to discuss child abuse and rape in our society, followed by a number of others including, Meri Gurya, Haiwan and Darr Si Jati Hai Sila.

  1. Pakistan Stars Eyeing Netflix

Pakistan is yet to produce a Netflix original but the future looks bright!

Famous actress, Sana Fakhar has also been revealed to be a part of a Netflix original series that will make her the first Pakistani actor to do so!

The Load Wedding actress Mehwish Hayat is also expected to star in Netflix web series by Pakistani director Jami.

Zahid Ahmed also revealed in an interview to BBC Asian Network that he is all set in talks with Netflix to star in its first original Pakistani production and we can’t be more proud!

The much-hyped project of the year, Aangan, is probably coming to Netflix as well which explains why it has not been aired online on YouTube or anywhere else.

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