Madiha Imam revealed that she has two versions of her story: One for the public and one for her family.

Update [3rd July 2024]: Madiha Imam, known for her captivating on-screen presence, has won the hearts of many with her talent and charm.

In her Gupshup with Fuchsia, Madiha Imam revealed that she has two versions of her story: One for the public and one for her family. She shared her love story with her parents and in-laws, and their support and blessings mean the world to her.

The couple’s love story began in 2015, when Madiha Imam was working on a Bollywood film after completing her film studies. Moji, then an intern in production, caught her attention with his dedication and hard work. Her husband, Moji, four years younger, has been an integral part of her journey.

Initially, Madiha Imam was hesitant to express her feelings. Still, her mother’s advice to focus on her career and not get distracted by crushes made her put the idea on the back burner. However, fate had other plans. Two years later, Moji reached out to Madiha Imam for help with his podcast, and they reconnected as friends. As they spent more time together, their friendship blossomed into something more.

Madiha Imam’s mother played a significant role in their love story, offering guidance and support. After a few meetings, Madiha Imam and Moji realized their feelings for each other were serious, and they decided to take the next step. Moji proposed in a subtle yet romantic way, and Madiha Imam, then 31, knew she had found her partner.

The couple’s wedding was a simple and intimate affair, just as Madiha Imam had always wanted. Without lavish decorations or destination weddings, they focused on their love and commitment to each other.

Madiha Imam’s love story with Moji is a testament to the power of true love and connection. Despite their age difference and different backgrounds, they found common ground and built a strong foundation for their relationship.

Madiha Imam and Moji’s love story is an inspiration to many, showing that true love can conquer all, and that simplicity and sincerity can lead to a lifetime of happiness together.

[November 23rd 2023] Pakistani actress Madiha Imam, known for guarding her husband Moji Basar’s details, recently stirred headlines with her first visit to her in-laws’ house in India.

A video clip from the visit sparked controversy as Moji’s uncle was heard praising Madiha for bringing luck to the family, citing the auspiciousness of a rainy day during a bride’s inaugural visit.

The controversy heightened due to Moji’s uncle referencing Hindu customs, specifically mentioning Pooja, which clashes with Islamic beliefs.

This revelation contradicted earlier denials from the Muslim actress regarding rumours about her husband’s Indian origin or involvement in the filmmaking industry.

In a statement on May 4th, Madiha Imam had clarified that she and Moji Basar were friends long before their marriage, their strong bond evolving into a romantic relationship. Their strong friendship eventually blossomed into a romantic relationship.

The recent cultural clash during her visit to the in-laws has now raised questions about the family dynamics and spurred speculation about the interfaith aspects within Madiha and Moji’s relationship.

Some gave the couple the benefit of doubt that the groom must have converted to Islam.

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