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Image Source: Gulf Today

Expo 2020 Dubai has Emirates as its premier partner for the event. For the event’s promotion, you can get a free one-day pass should you choose to travel with Emirates to Dubai. In another major promotion technique, they have revealed the first-ever full aircraft livery for Expo 2020 Dubai.

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In this attempt, Emirates has employed their aircraft A380. As the aircraft goes around the world, it will be able to promote the event on a global scale according to the event’s standards.

First-Ever Aircraft Livery

Now, having a livery on the aircraft is not a new phenomenon for Emirates. In the past few years, they have been known to have 50 different liveries on 100 aircraft. However, almost every time, the livery was a decal, a transferrable sticker.

expo 2020 dubai
Image Source: Expo 2020 Dubai

This time, they have gone two steps ahead; they have converted the entire aircraft exterior to promote Expo 2020 Dubai and they have done so not through decals but actual paint. The special aircraft is different for various reasons. It used paint for livery and not a sticker. It diverges from its usual simple colors like white and golden. And it strayed away greatly from its usual color spectrum. Using bright colours all over with a dominant blue, the aircraft stands distinctly from the rest of the aircraft collection.

Features of the livery

On both sides of the aircraft fuselage, you will find the message, ‘Dubai Expo’ and ‘Be Part of the Magic’. Moreover, on the engine cowls, you will find ‘Expo’ and Dubai’ on the one side of the aircraft, and the dates – Oct 2021 and Mar 2022 – on the engine cowls of another side. While the Emirates logo is not as visible on this aircraft, you will find its signature to be visible indeed. Near, the head of the aircraft, you can see the traces of the airline’s most recent campaign as a decal.

The campaign had a brave stuntwoman dressed as an Emirates’ air hostess. She was standing at the top of Burj Khalifa holding a placard. Using that imagery, the airline painted the picture on the aircraft, and the board read, “See you there” and “Dubai Expo Oct 2021- Mar 2022”.

The aircraft will stay like this until the end of the event.

Emirates does it all in-house

An interesting fact revealed was that the livery was entirely designed, painted, and installed by the airline’s in-house team. In fact, the stencils needed for the job were also printed and cut by the team.

The project was completed in 16 days and will go around promoting the event from today, September 29th as the flight takes off for Los Angeles.

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