Karachi, 14.06.2022 – Audi in collaboration with SIEMENS today unveiled Pakistan’s first and only Ultra-Rapid DC Charging Station equipped with Siemens SICHARGE D series chargers with power up to 160kW in Karachi. “I am particularly pleased to be present today at the inauguration of this example of brand new German innovation. The future is electric – we are learning that more and more today in times of climate change and global warming. However, electro-based mobility also requires a corresponding infrastructure. I am pleased that another step in this direction is being taken here today”, said Germany’s Ambassador to Pakistan Hon Bernhard Schlagheck.

Speaking as the chief guest on the occasion, Barrister Murtaza Wahab, Advisor to CM Sindh for Law, Spokesperson for the Government and Administrator Karachi (KMC), commented: “Karachi must also become a metropolis geared towards the new world of transportation with electric vehicles, which will vastly improve emissions in our city by reducing exhaust fumes from fossile fuels. We need to build up an infrastructure of charging stations. Germany’s innovative technology can lead us in this direction. Let us plug-in Karachi into its electrical future!”

Audi is driving its transformation as a provider of sustainable premium mobility. The brand plans to ramp up its efforts by 2025 with a wide range of more than 20 fully electric models. The key to its success and the crux of this transformation is the availability of charging infrastructure. Together with LIBRA, this Ultra-Rapid DC Charging Hub is
the start of significantly expanding charging infrastructure in Pakistan. CEO of Premier Systems Syed Arshad Raza said, “As announced, 2020 marked the start of Audi in Pakistan’s major electric offensive. We successfully launched the e-tron model range and are already following that up with the next model, the dynamic and fascinating e-tron GT. We can proudly say that Audi is the number #1 brand of any car manufacturer in Pakistan leading this transformation. Audi is also making an important contribution to the urgently needed expansion of the charging infrastructure, and the LIBRA Charging Hub is the first step in achieving this goal.”

Commenting on the launch of LIBRA Charging Hub, CEO of Siemens Pakistan Mr. Markus Strohmeier said, “We need significantly more charging points in Pakistan to cater to the growing requirements of electric vehicles. For that reason, stakeholders including policymakers, investors and power utilities must continue their efforts in the coming years. Siemens SICHARGE D is a high-power charger using the latest technology designed to enable cities, businesses, and individuals to make the most of what Electric Vehicles have to offer now and, in the years, to come.”

“The LIBRA Charging Hub with Siemens’s Ultra-Rapid charger addresses future peak demands and the lack of charging opportunities in Karachi,” said Abdul Haseeb Khan, owner of LIBRA Charging Hub. Pakistan approved an ambitious National Electric Vehicles Policy, with targets and incentives aimed at seeing electric vehicles Capture 30% of all the passenger vehicle and heavy-duty truck sales by 2030, and 90% by 2040. It sets even
more ambitious goals for two- and three-wheelers and buses; 50% of new sales by 2030 and 90% by 2040. The world is now moving towards electric vehicles and Pakistan would follow suit. The technology will help cut the demand for oil and Pakistan could save about Rs 2 billion annually. In addition, pollution will reduce by up to 70 percent.