Egg Pani Puri Goes Viral And We Don’t Know What To Say

Image Source. Youtube

Where is the pani and where is the puri? These will be your first thoughts after watching the latest pani puri trend made with eggs. A video that has gone viral on Instagram features a street vendor preparing egg pani puri, shared by a food blogger. This video has sparked mixed reactions and discussions among food lovers.

Egg Pani Puri 

Our beloved street food pani puri recently got a bizarre remake and we are absolutely speechless. Pani puris are undoubtedly the top choice in the realm of street food. The mere thought of their delightful flavors, with mint and tamarind water, filled into a fluffy puri alongside boiled potatoes and chickpeas, makes our taste buds tingle with excitement.

What’s more, golgappas offer a wide canvas for experimentation, even leading to creations like dahi golgappa chaat! However, sometimes these experiments can take an unexpected turn, leading to the discovery of varieties that may both astonish and appall us.

Recently, we stumbled upon one such culinary experiment, where a street vendor was crafting egg pani puri. Yes, you read that correctly. As unconventional as it may sound, the preparation of egg pani puri has left many people dissatisfied.

Take a look at the creation below.

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What looks like eggs being drizzled with random ingredients does nowhere look like an actual pani puri and hence the name must be changed. While a hardboiled egg fully loaded with tomato sauce, and cream cheese, and topped with some cilantro and cheddar cheese might pass on as a street food item it nowhere looks like the OG pani puri and must not be compared to one.

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What are your thoughts on the most bizarre pani puri trend discovered to date? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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