The City of Lights has witnessed a number of development projects over the last two years with some still underway. One project that is almost complete is the Drigh Road Underpass that is all set to be inaugurated next week on the 20th of July.

However, it looks like the public has found a major glitch in the construction of the underpass. You wouldn’t believe it, but it has been noticed that there is no drainage system present at the latest construction and this is creating a buzz over social media.

Here’s what a concerned citizen posted:

We can’t seem to spot the drainage system in any of these pictures.

Here’s How the Public Responded to The pictures:

Everyone had their own opinion on the matter and these people believed the Government is at fault!

It is truly a sad state of affairs!

Pakistanis seem to find the lighter side to any issue. Some of these comments made our day!

Would you agree with the suggestions posted here? Could be a possibility.

Another post surfaced on Facebook’s group, Halaat Updates clarifying that there is no pump to suck out disposed water in the underpass!

What are your thoughts on the newly built Drigh Road underpass? Let us know in the comments below.

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