Although PepsiCo’s Doritos chips enjoy popularity among gamers, their noisy crunch has been a longstanding annoyance. The beverage and snacking company has calculated that 85% of U.S. gamers have eaten Doritos in the last three months. However, almost a third of individuals have indicated that the noise from others’ crunching hinders their gaming performance and concentration.

Doritos Introduces ‘Noise Cancelling Crisps’

To “assist gamers in maintaining a quieter snacking experience,” Doritos is introducing a product they refer to as “Doritos Silent.” Gamers can download the Doritos Crunch Cancellation software. When activated it identifies and suppresses the crunching sounds while preserving the gamer’s voice.

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The tool was developed in collaboration with Smooth Technology, a creative engineering and design studio based in Brooklyn. It was spearheaded by Doritos’ U.K. division. To access this feature, consumers are required to provide their name and email address on a website, indicating that Doritos may collect valuable first-party data through this promotion.

The software, which required six months of development, harnessed the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze over 5,000 distinct crunch sounds.

Advertising played a crucial role in building anticipation for the launch. Social media posts and out-of-home placements introduced the concept of “making Doritos silent” by featuring images of the chips as noise-canceling headphones. This campaign was conducted in the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Brazil, and Portugal. Doritos has also released commercials that humorously dramatize the process of canceling crunch sounds.

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“The connection between Doritos fans and the gaming community is undeniable,” Fernando Kahane, global marketing head at PepsiCo, said in a statement. “Both boldly and unapologetically embrace their flavors. ‘Doritos Silent’ recognizes this bond and demonstrates the brand’s continued commitment to innovation and elevating the experience for gamers who choose Doritos.”

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