Pakistani brands have now started to respond well to call-outs on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. A witty reply or two on an ongoing issue can create a stir amongst digital enthusiasts causing the brand to be positively recognized.

A recent Twitter exchange between telecom service providers, PTCL and Naya Tel has resulted in a brand war where another huge brand has joined in the witty exchange!

Djuice mentioned PTCL in their Tweet after the later announced that a cable repair was going on.

“#PTCL can use #djuice internet to live stream their cable repair. Dial *345*75# to get 1500 MBs with djuice weekly all in one offer.”

PTCL obviously replied to them! 

We have to say, the exchange was quite entertaining. 

PTCL then blamed Djuice for having a ‘bad mood problem’.

The competing brand was not ready to let go so easily and blamed PTCL for having ‘Unlimited’ excuses

We do have to admit that PTCL’s hashtag game was on point!

However, Djuice just could not let the fight end without a winner!

Ultimately, PTCL had the last say!

PTCL Wins the Internet With Epic Comeback to Nayatel!

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