Did A Tesla Car Sensor Just Detect A Ghost In A Graveyard?

tesla picks up movement in cemetary
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The world is full of various types of eerie and creepy things. Many times, we may not even know what is going on around us. There are people who don’t believe in the existence of ghosts or the paranormal. They claim that such a thing does not exist. However, we then hear and read accounts of people who have seen such things. So, who do we believe? Are we really alone out there or there is something in the unknown? Speaking of eerie, you won’t believe what a Tesla sensor picked up in a video recently.

It seems that two people had decided to take their Tesla out to the cemetery. Of course, the mention of the cemetery already tells us that something scary is afoot. It may not even be directly scary but it may just give people bad dreams. Does the following event give proof to the existence of life beyond our dimension? Is there a veil past which we cannot see, but they can see us? A lot of burning questions appear in our minds when we think of the paranormal. So, let us dive into the details.

scary encounter with Tesla and the ghosts
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Tesla And The Ghostbusters

According to the video, the Tesla vehicle is parked inside the graveyard, on one of the driving paths. In the camera being held, there are no people in sight. Even if we look forward, the graveyard is empty. During navigation, Tesla sensors can pick up people when they are in the vicinity of the car. So, if the car is driving forward, its camera and sensors may pick up people on the sidewalk, passing near the car.

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However, here where there were no people, the Tesla sensor picked up movement. It was not just any movement, rather the movement of people! Yes, for a split second or two, you could see people moving about in the vicinity of the car. However, as seen by the video camera, there were no people nearby when the sensor picked up movement. So, we ask you, what exactly caused the camera and sensors to be triggered? Is there something the car saw that we cannot?

cemetary and movement picked from car
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Check out this video


Paranormal Movements

Now, a lot of people can say that this video is doctored or it is fake. It might even be true but we cannot say that for sure. Who knows what exactly was seen in the cemetery. However, what we see in the video is the closest we are to an answer. It is no mystery that cameras and sensors can pick up movement which humans cannot see. This has also been documented in some of the cases by Ed and Lorraine Warren, the paranormal investigators.

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If exorcism tapes can be recorded and demons can be heard speaking, who is to say this video is entirely fake? Maybe the car really did pick up movement out there. It is said that animals can see past that veil that we cannot. It makes us wonder what it is that they see. The next time your pet has its gaze fixated in a place where no people are present, maybe steer clear of that area for a bit?

tesla and picking up sensor movement
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