cyber attack on National Bank of Pakistan
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[Update: November 1st, 2021]: After the news went viral that the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) had suffered a cyberattack, consumers were in a frenzy about their financial data. Just 12 hours ago, NBP issued a statement through their social media platform that the data has not been compromised.

“NBP assures its customers that their financial data has not been compromised and has remained protected, confidential, and secured,” the Bank said.

They further updated that the bank has already countered the threat posed by the cyberattack and repaired the affected parts of the system. Moreover, NBP also mentioned in the statement that the disbursements of salaries will also be possible by November 1st, 2021.

They will be assisting the consumers with no discontinuance whatsoever.

The statement ended with the bank thanking the consumers for displaying patience, “NBP would like to thank its customers, partners, vendors and correspondent banks for their support and understanding during this trying period.”

[October 31st, 2021]: The age of technology is evolving at such a pace, we find ourselves often surprised. Where there is development in the positive direction, there is one in the negative as well. Ever since the cyber world became a reality, cyber security became just as essential. Hackers and Exploiters can appear out of nowhere, anywhere on the internet. Where there is a virtual presence, there is always a risk of a cyberattack. Despite there being some measures in place, some can always find a way to fool the system. The National Bank of Pakistan is facing something similar.

It seems that they have recently come under a cyberattack, leaving their services down. While there has been a breach, there has been no official news of any data leak or financial loss. The threat is currently under investigation and there ought to be some results on display. This event certainly has everyone worried about the safety of their accounts and credentials.


National Bank and Attack

According to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the cyberattack took place in the late hours of 29th October. There was a security breach on the servers and there was an attempt to further exploit the system. However, according to the SBP, no data has been breached so far. There has also been no monetary loss as of yet. They are not sure what the perpetrators could be going for, next, but currently, it is all safe.

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Additionally, no other bank has reported such an incident which means the attack is not widespread. While the attack does seem to be quite premeditated, there have been no further actions from the perpetrators. If there was, we might have heard something more now. Due to the attack, customers services of the National Bank of Pakistan have been disrupted. They are confident that the services are going to be restored by Monday Morning.

cyberattack on National Bank
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