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Did you know that your smartphone carries more germs and bacteria than a toilet seat?

In the crisis the entire world is currently facing, UAE’s Ministry of Education has issued an advisory for all phone users.

The Ministry has urged everyone, especially students, to keep their mobile phones clean to ensure their phones are not Coronavirus carriers along with harmful bacteria.

Furthermore, the Ministry has said that those who use the public washrooms and are working in an office space, they should clean their phones at least twice on a daily basis.

Moreover, tech-giant Apple has taken out a guide for iPhone and other Apple product users to teach them how to disinfect their devices.

However, cleaning your phone can be tricky, considering disinfection products can possibly damage your device.

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Here are some tips on cleaning your smartphone

  1. Avoid using aerosol sprays and bleaches
  2. Don’t spray cleaners directly onto your smartphone, use Clorox wipe or isopropyl alcohol wipes
  3. Use a soft, lightly-dampened microfiber cloth
  4. UV Lights can also Kill Bacteria
  5. Clean your phone case rather than the phone to prevent damage

This also implies to other devices as well.

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