IOS vs. Android

There are plenty of reasons why users switch from IOS to Android, mainly because of the liberty Android provides to its users to customize their phone but regardless of whatever your reasons might be, we are here to remind you that it is not a simple process.

It is safe to say that transferring to a different platform is as difficult and complicated as moving to a different place since both the IOS and Android are poles apart.

Users usually want to transfer all of their data from the previous software but most importantly do not wish to miss out on any of their contacts, music, and apps that they use daily.

Use Google Drive 

Google Drive

Google drive remarkably makes the process easier. It allows you to transfer your contacts, calendar and camera roll photos from iOS to Android conveniently.

Download Google Drive on your iPhone.

Launch the app > Go to Settings > Marked Backup 

Direct the app as you wish to create a backup automatically. Things you must keep in mind is that the backup process can take a lot of time. You must be connected to the fastest Wi-Fi near you and also plug your device so you do not run out of battery.

The backup process will take place smoothly and you will have a backup file ready on your Google drive. The best thing about Google Drive is that once you start using your android phone, it will ask you to log in to your Google account where your back up file will already be waiting for you.

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