Convex interactive

Due to COVID, the world realized the only way forward now was to have more of a digital presence. But when everyone is going digital, how to make sure that the ones you are interacting with are all legit? It’s simple, really. You have to make sure you interact with certified companies because that means they will be accountable for their words and promises. And Convex Interactive has proved that it, too, is worth its name.

Convex Interactive – Milestone

The social media and digital marketing agency Convex Interactive is open, approachable, and works with clients to offer them meticulous online marketing & mobility services. And with continued dedication to its work, they have achieved another milestone. This milestone is that digital marketing agency is now officially an ISO Certified Company under ISO 27001:2013 ISMS.

This stepping stone is reflective of their commitment not just to meet the clients’ expectations but to going the extra mile to exceed them!

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