Different Colored Cars
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Owning your own car is something that every boy grows up dreaming about. One of the most important traits that make your car stand out is, its color. Some might not give a car’s color much thought when they purchase it, but others do. You may select a color based on how it fits your mood, style, or personality. But did you know that your car’s color might have an impact on how much it devalues over time!? Let’s have a look at how automobile colors affect a car’s demand, cost, and even safety in Pakistan.

Different car colors
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The Color Conundrum

In Pakistan, its already a difficult choice when it comes to picking something that you’ll actually love. Its a big commitment to say the least (even maybe more than your marriage), because trust me, nowadays, its easier to find a soulmate rather than your perfect car. The color choice can significantly influence the decision to purchase a car, as it’s essential to find a color that complements one’s personality and creates a lasting impression wherever they may go with it. Its one of the major factors that determine the resale value of your car as well!

Its not only a case of being in Pakistan, in fact according to a study conducted by iSeeCars in the United States, the color of your vehicle plays an important role in the depreciation rate. After three years, the average depreciation rate was determined to be 22.5% in the study, which examined over 1.6 million used automobiles from the 2020 model year. Certain colors, nevertheless, lost value much more or significantly less than average.

Black Vigo
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The Car Colors For Pakistan

Depending on the people’s tastes, region, and environment, different countries have different levels of popularity for different automobile colors. The most common car colors you will see in your daily life in Pakistan are white, silver and black. If you were to ever browse the Pakistani car market, you’ll see most of the cars are usually one of the three colors. Heck, you can notice this the next time you ever stop at a traffic signal. If you want to paint a bigger picture, well look no further than Jinnah Flyover in Karachi where you can get a glimpse of a sea of Custom-Duty vehicles stranded on the port waiting for their clearance all painted black, white and silver.

Ferrari Beauties
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Why Only These Car Colors?

Well, there’s more to the color choices that meet the eyes (quite literally). Each of these colors have their very own benefits which include and are not limited to:

  1. Black: Majority of the vehicles in black are a symbol of luxury and power. You’d think twice before messing with someone who roll’s up in an all-black vehicle. They blend into the environment and have become sort of a go-to for no-nonsense people.
  2. Silver: It might not be most sought out color in Pakistan, but it sure is in a league of its own. These vehicles emit elegance and versatility where ever they may be. They tend to hide scratches and dirt much better than other colors available.
  3. White: Not only do they share majority of Pakistan’s automotive market, but they look absolutely beautiful in any shape and size. From your everyday school bus, sedan, SUV or even trucks, white is the preferred color for millions of Pakistanis. The color white also proves useful in reflecting back sunlight, providing you with a cooler temperature inside your vehicle.
Car Thief
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The Chance Of Theft

The possibility of theft is another element that might have an impact on your car’s resale value. There is no proper study claiming the relation between car color and theft, but we believe it can be a valid reason. It is reported that around 32,000 vehicles were stolen in the last year alone!

Your car’s color may affect how likely it is a target for burglars. Since white, black and silver are the most used car colors in Pakistan, it also makes them a target as well, since its easier to sell them. Colors like red and blue are the least likely to be targeted, as they draw attention to themselves quite easily.

Stay tuned for more Automotive insights like these; this is your soon-to-be favorite friendly neighborhood gearhead, Zayaan, signing off!