Pakistan is praised for its natural beauty which encourages tourists to come from all over the world to experience it first hand at least once in their lifetime. From spring to forests, mountains to valleys and gorges, the nation has it all.

Recently, a new attraction caught the attention of Karachiites called ‘China Port’.

Unfortunately, within mere weeks of its discovery, the beautiful tetra-pod shaped rocks were covered with pan peeks and the sea littered with filthy trash.

Courtesy: Ali Farooq

China Port’s condition makes us stop for a minute and ask ourselves, do we deserve such amazing and mesmerising sceneries and chill spots in the first place? Is there anything at all which we leave unharmed for our future generations?

China Port has Become Karachi’s New Go-To Destination

We have cut down the majority of the trees, have trash piles on every street, have less fish and more trash in our water.

We learn from history that our Prophet and his followers used to keep themselves and their surroundings clean because, in the Holy Quran, Allah himself tells his people that he loves cleanliness.

Being an Islamic nation, following his preachings, why are we treating our country like a trash can when it has amazing site seeing locations like Astola Island, Nathia Gali, Kund Malir, Katas Raj and more.

Today, let’s take a pledge and vow to keep our city and our country ‘pak saaf’ for a better and brighter future for our children and change the ‘pan khane wala Karachi’ image for good.