The Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) has installed 3D lights at Karachi’s Sea View in an attempt to enhance its natural beauty.

CBC has installed 3D lights of different geometric shapes and colors. These lights were made by CBC’s own workshop.

Karachiites are loving this new addition to the area in Abdul Sattar Edhi Avenue.

Take a look:

Earlier, CBC had also placed fished shaped dustbins along the beach to raise awareness that the trash thrown into the sea and on the sands are killing the marine life.

Shaniera Akram had also called for help after Clifton Beach was found in a devastating state with syringes, broken glass, vials of blood and other medical waste dumped on to the popular spot.

We hope that this new effort from CBC and other responsible boards encourages positive behavior and continues to share awareness about the importance of keeping Karachi green and clean.

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