Rising complaints against InDrive have left social media in a frenzy. The incidents falling under theft, poor customer care, and harassment are becoming far more prevalent and it is high time that the authorities take notice. Earlier, this week, InDrive did respond to the accusations through their Instagram story. Here have a look at this first.

InDrive & Customer Services

If the idea of InDrive has tempted you from the first day of their revolutionary model to raise a fare of your own choice, now might be the time to think. If InDrive has been your go-to car-hailing service then re-evaluating your choice might be the best bet right now. The business model seems to be rapidly going down the hill as customers have been raising complaints on social media platforms about their poor service, lack of response, and extremely ignorant and unethical drivers who have been at the giving end of mental trauma to many of their users.

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People have shared their experiences on social media. From those who have booked the rides to make deliveries to those who booked the rides to commute for personal and professional reasons, the majority of their customers have one or the other thing to say about them.

InDrive Complaints Are A Serious Concern 

Despite being one of the top car-hailing services in Karachi, the very core element missing in the model is its lack of customer support. People who have had bad experiences firsthand have shared how they don’t have any official numbers to launch complaints. Meanwhile, many users have shared their experiences which are horrendous, to begin with.

Image source: Facebook
Image source: Facebook

From asking their passengers to cancel the ride only to charge them twice the money to harassing female customers on their contacts after the rides are some of the most common ways InDrive has raised major concerns. This only shows that the lack of safety – a matter which has been of grave concern for females traveling solo in Pakistan is only getting bigger. No matter even if it’s a small commute from work to home.

Image source: Facebook
Image source: Facebook

Indrive claims to take action and has also claimed to pay heed to the complaints they have received. However, how fast compensation takes place cannot be predicted, but InDrive users can hope for the best.

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If you have had any bad experiences with the service, how did you go about it? We are open to receiving your responses in the comments section below.

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