murree incident
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The latest tragedy to have occurred in Murree has shocked everybody. While the nation grieves for lives lost on a vacation, more upsetting news is also spreading. The latest information shows us how deeply ingrained the principle of capitalization has become in us while it also reflects the poor state that leads people to this.

The Context

Approximately 21 people have died in Murree because they were stranded on the blocked streets. Their cars became completely covered in snow and while it is still unclear what caused their deaths, CO or snow; they all could not make it.

murree incident
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The Latest News

In the latest, it has come to our attention that the prices for everything started skyrocketing as a state of panic spread in Murree. People now wanted to return home but found themselves tied due to snowfall and road blockages. In all of this, hotels raised their per night fee uptil Rs.50,000. That is not all! Locals who were previously clearing the car of snow started charging 10,000 to 20,000 for doing so. Moreover, the prices of food and beverage also increased many folds while people had no option but to purchase.

Self-reflection Teaches Us What?

This is not uncommon. We always hear how the prices are increased in tourist spots when the tourist season comes and perhaps that would be justified. People need to make money in the busiest season. However, right now, a calamity has occurred in Murree. 21 lives have been lost. Many are staying there not out of their will but safety. 

murree incident
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In this situation, prices should be reduced to facilitate everyone. What happens when people can not afford 50k hotels per night? They are forced to return home and bear the dangerous roads. In a state of panic, many might even resort to doing such expenditures thinking that it will keep them safe.

Is It Their Fault Entirely?

When covid-19 was rising, people also started hoarding medicines and selling them in black for a few bucks. Is it heartless? Totally. However, have they been fed this system of heartlessness all their life? Yes, which is why they become the same. Those who start charging this high not only once paid unfairly high prices for something themself but also are made to need all the money they can get.

As the economy is in shambles and inflation tightens the noose around necks, people become greedy. This is a prime example of greed, nothing else.

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