PIA caa launches
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Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) launches an app especially for travelers to ensure their safe travels. Given that recently, PIA and civil aviation have been under the spotlight for incidents more than usuals, this seems a good measure to counter that.

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CAA launches app

The application is for Android users only for now since as you know most applications make it to iOS App Store fairly late. The name with which it has been put up is PCAA Hazards and its goal is to become passengers’ go-to app whenever they encounter a hazard or incident in-flight. The Voluntary Hazard/Incident Reporting System. Passengers will be able to contact the authorities at CAA directly for areas such as hazard, incident, accident, damage, deficiency, violation, failure, or in-flight services.

PCAA Hazard’s aim is to give user-friendly platform and resources to the general public and
stakeholders for identifying and reporting hazards and incidents.

PCAA Hazards

When a passenger is using the app, they will have the option to upload files and pictures alongside conveying their side of the story about the matter. Moreover, the passengers will also have the option to stay anonymous. As a result, more people will feel empowered to take the initiative of speaking up against any violation. This initiative comes as CAA displays its zero-tolerance policy towards violation of procedures and standards relating to safe operations of aircraft. That said, passengers can still access the form through CAA’s website.

The App seems to be easy to use but it will become more evident once people start using the App and rating it.

incident control app
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As travellers, it is our ethical responsibility to ensure that if we experience a violation we report it. This would result in the passengers traveling after us having a safer flight.

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