Buying a Car Online: Tips and Checklist


    Buying a car online is regular practice now in Pakistan, and thanks to the online portals like Carmudi and Pak Wheels, the car-buying process has become a relatively more comfortable and time-saving process. However, buying a car can surely be tricky for those who are not familiar with the dos and don’ts of online car purchasing.

    Here, we have compiled a list of some essential tips and checklist for online car buyers that they must bear in mind before finalizing an online car dealership.

    1. Focused Selection

    First and foremost- make a wise selection among the full range of available car options, keeping in mind your purchase capacity and other suitability factors such as the seating space, fuel capacity, technical innovation, mileage, etc. Buyers must have a detailed look at the car reviews that are already available online to make an informed purchase.

    Buying a Car Online

    2. Look for the Best Comparative Price

    Check and compare the best available prices in the online market for the desired car. Compare these prices along with the year of import and current car condition and plan accordingly.

    Best Price Comparison.Brandsynario

    3. Contact the Seller and Inquire about the car completely

    Once your selection process is over, the next phase is contacting the seller and inquiring about the specific car details. Follow the checklist below when doing so:

    Contact Seller.Brandsynario

    1. Mileage and Total Running

    Buyers must ask the seller about the mileage of the car and its total running; keep in mind that these two factors are entirely different from each other. Running is the total distance traveled by car, while mileage is the number of miles traveled in one fuel liter.

    You must note that old cars have higher mileage than used cars.


    2. Number of Previous Owners

    This is the most critical question to be asked by the buyer since the actual car condition can then easily be judged. Make sure that the seller is registered and is the real owner of the car. Also, make sure the registration documents are not tampered with. Always try to purchase a vehicle with a single owner.

    Number of Owners.Brandsynario

    3. Genuine Spare Parts

    Cross-checking for genuine spare parts is essential, too; repeatedly ask this question from sellers until the answer is provided. The car may have been re-furnished, and sellers can deceive you in this area if you don’t show enough concern. The parts checklist includes engine, seats, and players in the interior to the brakes, tires, windshields, windows, and tires in the exterior.

    Genuine Parts.Brandsynario

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    4. Physical Inspection

    The fourth stage is a physical inspection of the car. Examine the physical condition of the vehicle, keeping in mind the following pointers:

    1. Engine and Chassis Number

    Counter check this number with the documents of the car you are willing to purchase; this clarifies when the car was imported and whether the engine or other parts are genuine.

    Engine and Chassis number

    2. Funder /Bumpers, Windshields / Windows, Body Line

    Check out for visible cracks and repairs, and it will become clear whether the car has met an accident in the past. Always check these features during the day in sunlight so that the invisible marks and scratches become visible to the naked eye.

    3. Panel and Door Gaps

    The panels must be smooth and crack-free while door gaps should be even from top to bottom.

    Panel and Door Gap.Brandsynario

    4. Final Decision & Bargain for Price

    After the inspection, it is time to make the final buying decision. You must bargain with the seller for the minimum price and make sure you acquire all the car documents once you finalize the purchase decision.


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