“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do,” John Wooden has rightly said these words that if you cannot make someone’s whole life better, try making their few moments better but never stop trying.

One can never go wrong about the idea of starting a sweltering day with a beautiful sight of two hundred happy faces roaming around.

Yes, once again, Breakout has surprised us with an extremely kind gesture by sharing their happiness with the kids that probably deserve the most.

The idea that has always hit me while making a distinction between an orphanage and an old age home is to decide who is more unfortunate; the one who doesn’t have parents or the one who was abandoned by his/her own child.


Well, the reality is, it is impossible to measure a misery but it is not impractical to get them out of it.

So, the more it is, the less it will always be. Just like kids in our home, every child demands constant attention no matter what place he or she belongs to.

In order to set a beautiful example and to fill up colours in a few beautiful lives, a few years back, Breakout came up with a wonderful idea of taking kids of SOS village out for a whole day to get them clothes and a meal of their own choice.

Isn’t it a beautiful idea to share happiness with the ones who cannot do it in their own capacity? The point of highlighting this event is to appreciate this effort and to make it a paradigm for others to do the same.

There were two hundred kids that were taken from SOS, Faisalabad to this largest outlet of Breakout present in Faisalabad. One could feel the happiness on their faces that everyone has while buying clothes.

The variety of clothes perplexed all the kids about which one would be the best pick. After exiting the outlet, the kids headed to the nearest Mc Donald’s. Well, who doesn’t love food? Since food is happiness, one could sense the excitement and positivity around.

Every child had their own favourite item. That’s how their day ended. Now, everyone would think about stuff like “how a meal and a dress can change the lives of these kids,” Right, that would not.

But, it will give them the confidence of being as important as any one of us, make them feel inclusive and give them the sense of acceptance from society by providing them with the opportunity to enjoy these activities that every other child would like to be a part of.

Breakout has not only started a trend of being courteous and kind to the society, it has also given a lesson that each one of us is important and each one of us has a right to enjoy the facilities equally. Here is to hoping that all other brands keep the tradition intact.