bonanza satrangi

In the world of marketing, big brands rip off small ones all the time. Particularly in the beauty and fashion industry, plagiarism has become quite a common phenomenon.

Seemingly, nothing is original now when it comes to brand and they need to borrow/steal ideas in order to thrive. The practice continues to thrive, no matter how much it is looked down upon.

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Recently, a case surfaced on social media in which Bonanza Satrangi was accused of copying the leading American brand, Victoria’s Secret.

Apparently, the packaging of the mists launched by Bonanza Satrangi is heavily inspired by the global beauty brand.

The similarity is not even uncanny and buyers are easily spotting the resemblance in the size, shape and creative design.

The mist bottles are clearly a Xerox copy of each other!


While the packaging appeals to the eye and is bound to attract the target market, it remains a replica of Victoria’s Secret.

Reviews of Bonanza Satrangi’s mists that have poured in on social media with women praising the scent and lauding the variants.

However, fans of the brand are disappointed that Bonanza couldn’t come up with something original.

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What do you think of the packaging of Bonanza Satrangi’s mist?

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