With an uncertainty that comes with Bitcoin, many have their own opinions about the future of the cryptocurrency.

While on one hand where investors say the currency will outgrow itself and reach double its value by end of 2018, some predict its end.

Bitcoin being a cryptocurrency has a volatile behavior which is not constant. It is either going up at a rapid speed or comes across several mini-crashes without warning.

To predict the future of Bitcoin, a startup called Bitcoin Bubble Buster will supposedly tell you when the currency will meet its end using an artificially intelligent algorithm.

Not only crashes but it also tells you which will be the expected increase or decrease in value of Bitcoin inexact numbers.

Given that the prediction is based on an AI algorithm, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it will be 100% accurate, however, to a certain extent, it might be able to provide some insight into the future of the currency. The system will evolve and improve by using the historical data to predict better and more accurate outcomes.

This might come in handy for those who are considering investing in the currency and for those who already have, or are planning to invest in another currency, this might be something phenomenal.

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