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2021 has brought us its own essence early in the year with some well-composed, original pieces from “Bisconni Music”. Leading confectionery brand, Bisconni just tapped into the entertainment industry with Bisconni Music’s first episode, launched on the 1st of January. Being the first Pakistani brand to tap into the music platform, Bisconni Music includes a lineup of renowned and fresh, talented artists from the local industry, providing music enthusiasts with novel musical numbers.

The song lineup comprises a mix of genres ranging from Sufi Pop to Rock and Electro Pop. The famous pop singer and composer, Ahmed Jahanzeb dropped an original Sufi music piece, ‘Subhanallah’, evoking divine love in listeners. Known best for his soul stirring performances, this song’s mellow vibe enables the listener to indulge in its Sufi essence. Ahmed has created a benchmark of his unparalleled vocals, however this time, he was assisted by the talented new faces, Nimra Tariq and Ali Safeer who with their expertise upscaled the spirit of the song. The mastermind behind the keys and composition, Saad Hayat further added to the song’s soul. The brains arranging the song into one classical piece include Gumby on the drums, Mohsin Raza Shah on the guitars and Bradley D’Souza playing the Bass Guitar.

Another original taking away the limelight, ‘Bandagi’ features the emerging and fresh talents, Natasha Humera Ejaz and Sinnan Fazwani, who were praised by many on social media platforms. The song’s romantic and upbeat wave starts off with a mellow intro, proceeding towards a more hip and groovy vibe. Both artists and musicians involved had electrifying energies, which further aided to the song’s feel. The lineup of musicians include; Saad Hayat behind the composition, mixing and mastering, Ajjay Hari on the drums, Mohsin Raza Shah playing the guitar and Shane Kerr as the lead bassist. The talented musicians have been the talk of the town for their previous performances on multiple music platforms as well, but this is the first time we get to experience a fresh and original vibe of their music.

An artist who has gained talkability for his vocals, Ali Tariq dropped his original, ‘Adhoori Baat’ – a bubbly, fun, soft yet romantic piece with sweet-sounding highs and lows. Adhoori Baat’s young and energetic feel attracts the younger audience, tapping right onto their emotions. Ali’s soulful voice is perfect for the song and his fans have already started to fall in love with it. The catchy masterpiece making everyone groove is composed, arranged, and written by the talented singer himself. 

Bisconni Music has joined hands with one of the most commendable music producers, Saad Hayat, having over a decade of experience in his field. Curating a team of house-band musicians for its platform, the first episode has brought chills and goosebumps to many, who now await more fresh, original, and iconic pieces from the platform. The first episode and its songs can be viewed on Bisconni Music’s Youtube channel.

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