We’ll all agree that we need to give our children a strong start because things are not as simple as they used to be!

Children today have challenges which were unheard of in the past, from being toppers in classrooms to being champions in the playgrounds; the need to excel at everything has become a mindset

As a mom, our first instinct is to enable our children in the best way possible, nurturing them and providing them with the right kind of emotional support because we understand what they need. It’s no secret that this kind of care and love go a long way.

While children’s emotional needs might be clear, figuring out what their nutritional needs are and how these can be fulfilled is tricky. What is the perfect meal for a child? What sort of nutrients do they need? In what quantity? These questions are so common, especially among new moms.


NIDO is synonymous with growing up, the world over. As kids, we always saw our parents rely on NESTLÈ NIDO for all our nutritional needs. It has been such a significant part of our childhood. And today, when NIDO children have become parents, it continues to be an integral part of our children’s growth. It’s like we never have to worry about failing again! One Khas Ghazai Formula, which has been made to meet the physical and mental needs of every child, and isn’t this the ultimate goal?

The age-specific formula helps a child in growing and learning; growth is impacted by the right amount of minerals and vitamins present in the product and learning is influenced by ALA, a brain development supplement. One product, which ensures that our children will get all their nutritional requirements fulfilled, isn’t that the best solution? NESTLÈ NIDO provides well-rounded nourishment for a growing child of today.

I feel quite lucky that something as reliable as this product is around, with continuous improvements and thorough research, NESTLÈ NIDO has been able to impact kids from the ages of 1 to 12 years

In an age, where we are struggling to eat right and stay healthy, NESTLÈ NIDO continues to pursue its aim to give our children a healthy start and an equal chance at excelling.

So let’s raise our children right from today, for a better tomorrow!