#BiasedTwitter Trends As Verified Pakistani Accounts Get Suspended

#biasedtwitter twitter subscription service launched in four countries
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Twitter is trending once again on well, you guessed it, Twitter. This time, it is not because it was the only platform working when others suddenly stopped or that they introduced a new feature but for something completely different. The hashtag to be exact was #BiasedTwitter.

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Twitterati Pakistan

The Twitter community in Pakistan stands offended today since the moment they found out that a few Twitter accounts were suspended. The rage overflowed as Pakistanis voiced their concern over being treated unfairly. They said that the platform was exercising a non-democratic rule where they were suspending even verified accounts without proper procedure. The claims were that their only crime was to be speaking for Pakistan.

Have a look at some of the numerous tweets that dropped within a matter of minutes.

#BiasedTwitter trends

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Tracing where it started

We, of course, wanted to find out where it all started so we explored the hashtag for a little while. The matter was for sure between India and Pakistan as the Pakistani netizens referred to Indians occupying top spots in major tech companies. Not that we were lucky on pinpointing the origins, but the picture did indeed become clear. As it turns out, once again, some Pakistanis had spoken for Kashmir through their Twitter handle.

Twitter apparently suspended these users’ accounts.

This speaks volumes of the bias in Twitter’s policies. It was a similar matter when the humans were speaking against Israel for their atrocities in Palestine. And now, Pakistani Twitter uses are getting suspended for raising their voice at the atrocities Kashmiris in the India Occupied area have to face. While we hope that solutions are enforced in such conflict-hit zones, we also hope that digital media remains free. Moreover, the people in the high seats controlling these platforms would stop controlling people’s narratives.

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