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Behroz Sabzwari and Javed Sheikh were together when recently the former said something controversial. The matter was related to Khalil-ul-Rehman, Pakistan’s most notorious director and writer. Sabzwari and Sheikh are indeed veteran actors and their opinion should be respected but how much is too much? Read about what he said here:

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What Did He Say?

At a recent interview, Behroz Sabzwari was asked what would Khalil-ur-Rehman be doing if he was not a writer? To this, he replied in a heartbeat that “wo logoun se pitt rahe hote” implying that he would be creating a ruckus elsewhere and dealing with its consequences somewhere else. If we focus on what was said we can partially even agree, that’s true.

Half the reason why Khalil-ur-Rehman is still popular and also unharmed is because of his prestige as a writer. If that gets taken away from his, what will be left? Someone who simply incites bad and backward ideas.

To Say This Online

However, it is one thing for an online blog or anonymous person to say this and one thing for an established and senior actor to say. Both of them are very close in age, perhaps Sabzwari is older. Their profession also demands that they walk on eggshells and be careful about what they say. The way even Javed Sheikh laughed afterward added fuel to the fire.

behroze sabzwari khalil-ur-rehman
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Khalil–ur-Rehman is not the deserver of sympathies but as colleagues in his own profession, Sabzwari and Sheikh should have been more mindful about what they say and what they laugh at.

More About Behroz Sabzwari

Behroz Sabzwari also seems to be showing that he has a penchant to stay in the news nowadays. The retired actor recently made headlines after his Twitter account was compromised and the hacker kept tweeting opposite things. The hacker even said something about him wishing Shehroz Sabzwari wasn’t his child. Then there were also some political tweets. 

Anyhow, Sabzwari then created a video in which he informed everybody that he will be taking action against this. Now it’s this interview and its contents that will make headlines, in fact, have begun to do so. Let’s see what he has to say about this!

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