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Having an iPhone has become a status symbol, nowadays. But even if it wasn’t, one cannot deny the amazing features in these lineups. The amazing camera and the iOS updates are things that not just tech geeks but literally everyone thrives on. But we can all agree that not everyone can buy it on their own. What if we told you that certain Pakistani banks allow you to get the most recent model, iPhone 13 on easy installments?

Alfa By Bank Alfalah

Not the iphone 12 or an iPhone 6S, but any model you like from the iPhone 13 lineup, even if it means getting your hands on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The best part is, no markup, ZERO percent. Divide the amount across 12 months, and you are good to go.

If you are convinced, all you need to do is login to Alfa and then go to Alfa mall’s installments section. Choose the category, Apple iPhone. You will now be directed to choose the exact phone you want. The next step is the checkout page where you will be required to enter your detail. The most important part is that you select credit card as the mode of payment.

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Don’t delay though because this offer is until the merchant has the stock. Once out, the offer will be deemed invalid.

While this may be sad news for some, an even sadder news is that only Alfalah credit card customers can avail the offer.

DigiMall by Faysal Bank  

Faysal Bank, too, has joined in on providing the offer of iPhone 13 on easy installments. DigiMall is selling iPhone 13 Pro Max to be specific. The plan spans over 6 months and has a 0% markup.

It is a 256GB phone with dual sim and absolutely amazing camera. Head over to our tech section to read up more on it!

You need to note that the model DigiMall is selling is non-PTA approved which is why you can get it at PKR 344,999. Tell us then, are you ready to experience a whole new world with this offer?

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Looks like you don’t need any convincing. We won’t hold you for long. Go ahead and by the phone you so want. We would love to hear your experience though; was it easy, was it hard; would you do it again if you the opportunity.

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