Sadat Bashir

Update: Bahria College recently came under the spotlight after the horrific story of an examiner, named Sadat Bashir, was accused of harassing 80 female students.

Following the eruption of the story on social media, the institute has given its official statement, reported The News.

“With regards to information appearing on Facebook, Bahria College Islamabad regrets the unfortunate incident where an external examiner appointed by FBISE harassed the female students during their HSSC practical exams,” a statement issued

“The college administration has taken serious notice of the incident and has lodged a complaint with the FBISE as well as the Ministry of Education against Sadat Bashir, practical examiner for biology,”

An outrageous act was conducted with biology students on 24th May 2018. As 80 girls walked into Bahria College Islamabad to give their biology practical none had expected they would walk out being physically assaulted.

The examiner, Sadat Bashir was known to be very strict, that not all, he did not let the teacher enter the lab despite her asking, again and again, saying that she cannot leave her female students.

By the time the teacher took permission from the principal and walked in, FBISE examiner Sadar Bashir had already started to show the other side of him. As one of the girls puts it in her own words;

“Our examiner Sadat Bashir was a pervert who groped at least 80 students and passed sleazy comments.”

She continued;

“He groped me twice and came behind me and traced my braizer strap all the while pretending he was just examining my slide.”

Aamir Liaquat’s Official Facebook Page Deleted!

Afreina Noor, a former student of Bahria College stated on her social media account, “As a former Bahria student, I know how the college has a habit of sweeping things under the table.”

She further added, “I wasn’t surprised at the school administration’s reaction of telling Saba to zip it and focus on her ‘marks’. Never in our wildest dreams was such an incident fathomable. These girls resorted to the social media because their voices were hushed. Back in the day, we had no other option. Enough is enough.”

This disgusting and highly unacceptable act caught attention on social media and spread like wildfire in no time. So much so, even Pakistani celebrities came across the story and condemned having disgraceful teachers in the system who deserve to be punished for the trauma they have caused.

The brave girl, Saba who posted her testimony against the examiner was not the only one. Many other girls also came forth describing the nightmare when Bashir tried to take advantage of them in front of other students and teachers!

Sadat Bashir Breaks Silence over Bahria College Controversy!

On the other hand, Sadat Bashir has denied all accusations made against him, claiming that he has not done such a thing after Pakistan Today got in touch with him.

”I would never do such a thing because all the students are like my daughters and female teachers are like my sisters.”

“In my career as a teacher/invigilator, I have always been fair in marking. Moreover, when I was assigned this duty, I questioned the authorities as to why I am being assigned for duty at the girls’ section,”

“My family is in shock after this defamatory campaign against me,” he claimed

Pakistani Celebrities React to Bahria College Case

Twitter Diva Mawra Hussain personally spoke to authorities to take action against the criminal!

Even Meesha Shafi, who recently accused co-star Ali Zafar of sexual harassment gave her two cents on the matter.

Queen of Hearts Mahira Khan also called him out and supported the fact that an example needs to be set out of him and asked for justice to be served.

The Balu Mahi superstar Osman Khalid Butt (OKB) also expressed how disgusted he felt after this act came forth. He also encouraged Bahira College to denounce Bashir and take action!

Even Hareem Farooq called out Sadat Bashir, the culprit on Twitter!

Cake’s surprise element, the handsome Adnan Malik also expressed how his heart broke when he came across this shocking news.

Punish Sadat Bashir Movement

A petition has now started against Bashir for what he did to those girls. Meanwhile, other cases have started to come forth claiming this was not the first time he had assaulted female students in his presence.

sadat bashir

Several other social media users claiming to be current and former students of the college and at least one from another college have reported on Facebook and Twitter — using hashtags #TimesUp and #MeToo — about being harassed by the same examiner in the past.

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