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Since Ramadan has started, so have the Ramadan dramas, which premiered their first episodes last night. A new duo is appearing on screen this year, and it is none other than the queen of last year’s Ramadan drama Ayeza Khan and our all-time favorite Imran Ashraf. The on-screen couple appears in the drama “Chaudhry and Sons”, and while the chemistry of the main leads is one thing to look out for, it seems like the cast is already having lots of fun on the sets.

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Ayeza Khan’s Latest Video 

Ayeza Khan shared a video on her social media account announcing the first episode of the Ramadan drama and reminding fans to tune in. However, the video she posted with her co-star is nothing less than adorable and makes us look forward to the upcoming episodes. Take a look at the video below.

In a video, Ayeza and Ashraf, aka Pari, and Billu are playing cham cham; an OG everyone has played in their childhood. With the caption fastest version of cham cham, the duo is seen having fun on the set. Not to mention Ayeza’s cute outfit, which reminds us of her adorable daughter.

Netizens React To The Video

The netizens took to social media to comment on the latest video. While many shared their anticipation for the latest drama, others shared heartwarming comments about the actors.

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Meanwhile, a few mentioned that they couldn’t wait to play it again, and to be honest, we can’t either.

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