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The bulbulay starlet Ayesha Omer is not just known for her amazing fashion sense but also some killer dance moves. And while the wedding season is in full swing, she was spotted at a wedding where she bust a move on a hit bollywood number.

Ayesha Omer’s Dance Video

Ayesha Omer was seen dancing to Munni Badnam. Her dance was reeking of controversy and the netizens made sure to take notice. As soon as the video went viral netizens, started spewing a lot of hate towards the actress.

Take a look at the video below.

Here is another video from the event.

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The actress was a ball of energy and made sure to give the best performance despite being hurt in the foot.

“So much fun this was. barely practiced our dance together with my mad mad work schedule. But managed even with a glass bangle piece stuck in my left foot anddddd Little bros didn’t drop me. Thank God.” 

She also danced along Ali Rehman in another hit Indian number and needless to say they were setting the floor on fire. Like literally.

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How Did Netizens React 

Of course, all the dancing didn’t sit well with the netizens given the actress was also wearing revealing clothes which is considered a big NO in netizens’ books. They responded with some sever criticism and made sure to catch the actresses’ attention.

Here are some of the reactions from the posts.

Ayesha Omer
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Ayesha Omer
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However, one comment caught Omer’s eyes and she made sure to respond to the comment herself.

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She wrote: “She does not charge anything at all. we also live normal lives like all of you. We also dance on friends’ and relatives’ weddings like some of you, when we can make time to practice with our crazy work schedules. It’s not easy but we manage. Not everything is for money guys. Some of it is to feed your soul. Dancing with my close friend is soul food for me.”

With more and more wedding coming up celebrities will be under the netizens radar while we can’t wait to see all the stunning looks this season.

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