Just like how Toyota, Suzuki, and Al-Haj FAW increased the prices of their cars due to the devaluation of Rupee against Dollar, thus making imported auto parts more expensive to purchase.

Atlas Honda has also increased the price of their bikes by Rs 500-1000. Unfortunately, this sudden price-hike has resulted in a backlash by customers who are angry and want the manufacturers to go back to the old price.

Revised Price for Atlas Honda Bikes

The revised prices for Atlas Honda are as followed;

  • Honda CG 125- new price (PKR 107,500) old price (PKR 106,500) 1000/-PKR increase in price
  • Honda CG 125 Deluxe- new price (PKR 126,500) old price (PKR 125,500) 1000/-PKR increase in price
  • Honda Pridor- 100cc new price (PKR 87,000) old price (PKR 86,500) 500/-PKR increase in price

As of now, Atlas Honda has just increased prices for 3 models, and the other bikes have the same price. On the other hand, the government has also increased fuel prices which have affected the local markets as not everyone can afford automobiles as a mode of transportation.

What are your thoughts about the price-hike?

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