Askari Amusement Park has been making headlines ever since plans for the park were announced.

With its grand opening on Eid-ul-Fitr, the new addition to the city has marked its place as one of the leading hang-out for family and friends.

With a number of heart-stopping and thrilling rides, it caters to pretty much every age group.

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But with most of these recreational places in Karachi having the “family only ” stipulation, it prevents most male Karachiites from being able to go with just their friends.

However, Askari Amusement Park has decided to break away from such stereotypes and dedicate ‘Monday’ as the “Man-Day” at the amusement park.

Posting about it on their social media, the management at the amusement park shared their new marketing strategy.

This means that all the guys in town will be able to go to the park without having to worry about being stopped by the guards for coming alone.

Seems like Askari has won the hearts of all males in the metropolis.

Karachi men just couldn’t control their excitement! 

Some females were obviously trolled on the post!

Although a nice initiative, the world of social media is full of savage internet warriors!

Some K-town boys protested against Monday being the Man-day!

Now women are demanding that there should be a day devoted to them as well!

And it will actually be a super LIT idea!


Despite the mixed reactions, we must say that this is definitely a good idea!

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