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A recent video of Asim Azhar scolding his fans at his concert is going viral. The singer himself took to his social media to clear the air about the incident.

Asim Azhar’s Recent Concert 

A clip from Asim Azhar’s concert is going viral on social media where the singer is scolding the attendees. He then told them to be responsible for their actions and take it upon them to protect the families and women.

Take a look at the video.

As soon as the video went viral, the public started to misconstruct the video. Many shared that how this is just an act to go viral and gain attention.

Asim Azhar Clarifies The Situation 

The singer took to his social media to clear the air about the incident at his concert. He wrote,

“Okay, I don’t usually share stuff like this but whoever has come to a concert of mine knows that we tolerate anything but families being disturbed or harassed,” he began in a lengthy note. With that being said, the guy I was addressing here did not say anything BUT him & his friends were drinking openly & making a family very uncomfortable.”

“For people thinking this was a stunt can go and think whatever but I will keep calling out people on stage who make my audience uncomfortable. Upar se sab nazar ata hai. Aur Mujhay kuch zyada hi.” He added.

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He also highlighted that the artist must make sure the crowd that comes to their shows are “safe and comfortable.”

Previously musicians Aima Baig and Young Stunners’ Talha Anjum also took a stand against people in the crowd who chose to misbehave.

Atif Aslam on the other hand had to stop his concert because some people wouldn’t stop misbehaving with the public. Whether it’s a publicity stunt or not, we’re glad artists are calling out people who misbehave and taking action.

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