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Asim Azhar and Hania Aamir is a match that just won’t break even after they broke up themselves. Netizens will not let either of them move on and continue to tease them with each other’s names. The latest happening involves the same mischievous activities of people who brought Asim Azhar’s ex back to him during his concert.

What Happened?

Asim Azhar recently had a concert in Multan and he was just addressing the crowd and getting into the feel when the funniest thing happened. People don’t have a clue about where this started from or even why it started but it did! The crowd started chanting – yes, you guessed it – Hania’s name in front of the singer. The video is simply hilarious because the singer is trying to manage the crowd but even his voice drains out in the “Hania” chants. 

Here’s the video:

How Does Asim Azhar Respond?

Asim Azhar’s response could have been better but it’s not as worse as it gets. He said to the crowd, “agar aap loug ye extra naam louge toh boys ko maza nai ayega”. Now, we don’t know who these boys are and why only boys are being addressed because we’re sure this wasn’t a boys-only event. However, if it was a university concert then it may be also.

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Anyhow, Azhar asks the crowd “boys maza karne aye hain na?” and it just seems like he’s trying to build a bro repertoire with the crowd. Whatever he did, it seems to have worked because the crowd started calming down and moved on from the ex’s name.

Netizens Are Enjoying

This video is obviously going viral and netizens seem to be having the time of their life. The comments, wherever this video is posted, are full of laughing emojis and people supporting this act. They believe he should be teased more! Have a look:

asim azhar hania
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Something else happened recently too when Hania Aamir was actually in the crowd and Asim Azhar was singing in the background. The videos are all captioned with “peeche toh dekho!” and it’s also peak meme material. Here’s the video of that unfortunate meeting:


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