APS Peshawar Attack Heroes
Image Source: dunyanews.tv

The world has seen quite many developments and good news; it has seen dire news too. Not too long ago, Beirut was the subject of a massive explosion that shook its harbor. It was even recorded on camera and was so ominous and scary that it sent a wave of terror down everyone’s hearts. Then there have been many acts of terrorism just this year alone.

Every year, we either see a bomb detonating in a location or someone being kidnapped. The reign of evil has not slowed down; rather, the situation continues to get more from by the minute. Such acts of terrorism often make one wonder a lot of things. One of them is wondering what it takes to make an individual go to such lengths. What events must have unfolded in their lives that ended in such a horrendous manner?

On December 16th, 2020, we take a moment to remember our brave, fallen heroes from the 2014 APS Peshawar Attack. It is an event that still sends a wave of trauma hurtling through our bones and a tear rolling down our eyes.

The Events Of December 2014:

In 2014, all limits were crossed when a school was attacked. An army school, no less. This gives rise to some form of personal vendetta against the authorities as well. On the morning of December 16th, students and teachers left for school, hoping to get their daily education dose. They walked out of their schools with hopes in their hearts and wind at their heels. On that same day, insurgents made their way into that school.

They did not give a second thought before gunning down any human that came in their crosshairs. These poor children, as well as teachers, became the target for a terrorist attack. They attacked children! They were innocent. What causes a person to commit a crime condemned by the highest authorities? Murder in the first degree is bad, but gunning someone down in cold blood, point-blank, is a crime that crosses all humane boundaries.

Remembering The Heroes:

In light of the crime that shook the world six years ago, many people have taken to Twitter to mourn the loss. Many have posted, which reminds us why we need to keep fighting for the right thing. This heavy Twitter presence signifies that no one has forgotten this event yet. It is as fresh in their minds as it was such years ago.

Some hashtags have become more used today too. These include #APSMartyrsDay, #APS_ToHeaven as well as #UnforgettableHeroes. Each of these tags holds to how we feel about the event. They truly are heroes because they had left the house to move towards their goal. They will be considered martyrs, and they deserve every ounce of respect from us.

Something We Can Never Forget:

This event signifies that so long as evil resides, we cannot rest and sit back. They entered the school and opened fire. They didn’t give it a second thought, and they had no regrets about what they did.

In honor of the fallen heroes, let us take another moment to remember them. They truly are the bravest of us.

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