Ahmad Nawaz

Army Public School massacre in 2014 left a deep scar on the nation. On 16th December, of that year, armed men gunned down innocent children and women killing around 150 innocent souls.

Fortunately, many of the brave children helped one another survive the attack, one of the lucky ones is young lad Ahmad Nawaz.

Recently, Prince William of the United Kingdom honored the young lad at Kensington Palace. Nawaz had won the Global Legacy Award 2019 and was invited for tea at the palace.

Nawaz shared the experience of the visit on his Twitter and shared that Price William was very humble towards him. He added that Prince William told him he loved his recent visit to Pakistan.

He wrote:

I’m extremely honoured to be awarded ‘The Legacy award 2019’ for my global campaign. It was an absolute pleasure to be invited by HRH Prince Williams to @KensingtonRoyal for tea and share my work for young people with him.
He told me that he loved his recent visit to Pakistan.

Ahmad is also the first Pakistani to receive the Princess Diana Award for his anti-radicalization campaign. He had gone to schools across the UK to save students falling prey to extremism and radicalization by sharing his experience as a part of the campaign.

Ahmad survived the attack by pretending to be one of the fallen victims. He is also the witness to the horrific incident of his teacher being burnt alive by militants. He suffered multiple injuries on his arm; was given special treatment at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

However, Ahmad lost his brother in the APS massacre.

We wish the young chap all the very best and salute him for his bravery.

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