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Finally, Apple is out into the spotlight. Where we used to think the event was going to be robust, it shattered all expectations. The company really went above and beyond with its unveils and releases. As always, fans have left the event with a state of shock and astonishment. They feel quite impressed at what Apple had to show them. We must also check out the highlights of the launch event, 2021.

Apple is not a company that is to be taken lightly. In fact, the company should be looked at in the opposite light. For a while now, there had been numerous leaks regarding the contents of the event. Last night, they finally decided to make a mark on this year. So, what exactly were the big reveals, and how far were we from the truth of it all?

iPhone 13 launched at event
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Apple Event Highlights

Firstly, Apple decided to finally unveil the iPhone 13. The smartphone has some upgrades over its predecessor, however, the design is similar. There are four variants to the iPhone 13, them being Mini, Base, Pro and Pro Max. If we look at the first two ones, they feature the Apple A15 Bionic chip. The company says that this chip is the most advanced one in smartphones yet and is sure to go a long way. The phones have upgraded camera abilities alongside a longer battery life.

This is a significant upgrade to the iPhone since the battery has been quite an issue for a while now. The iPhone 13 Mini can run 1.5 hours longer than its predecessor whereas, the base can run for a full day now! We could not have imagined them having such a good battery life already!

iPhone 13 and Apple watch revealed
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The iPhone 13 Mini price starts at $699 for 128GB storage. The base iPhone 13 is going to be priced at $799, starting with 128GB storage and going higher if you require more.

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The Next Two Models

Apart from this, the higher variants of the iPhone 13 were, probably, the biggest highlight of the event. One of the most outstanding features was the phone’s upgradable storage option. You can now go for the Pro Max with 1 Terabyte of storage! This is double than what it was in the predecessor and a first for smartphones! Apple really is an innovator in many domains. The lightning port still remains and there is no under-display touch ID.

The pro devices are packed with a five-core CPU, making it a good option for gamers as well. The iPhone 13 Pro costs about $999 and the Pro Max costs $1,099/-. For the 1 Terabyte upgrade, the Pro Max costs $1,599/-.

apple event and many unveils
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The entire new iPhone line starts shipping from 24th September 2021.

Two Additional Unveils

Apart from the iPhone itself, Apple also released the Watch Series 7. It is a slimmer device than the series 6 and has a wider display. Additionally, it allows for 50% more text to be shown on the screen, with a full keyboard available for typing. The watch is going to be sold at $399 and will be available later this fall.

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Finally, Apple unveiled upgraded versions of the iPad and iPad Mini. The former comes with an updated A13 chip which is 20% more powerful than its predecessor. It even features a 12Mp ultra-wide camera and accessory support that works with first-generation Apple pencils. The 10.2-inch iPad will cost $329 for 64GB storage.

The iPad mini comes with smaller bezels, more rounded corners as well as Apple’s liquid retina display and an updated speaker system. Its price starts at $499.

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