Anwar Maqsood has definitely stirred up a hornet’s nest with a video from his latest web-series, ‘Anwarnama’.

The controversial comedy received backlash from all over the social media for targeting Sindhis. The video quickly went viral and after the negative comments that started pouring in.

Popular singer and comedian, Ali Gul Pir voiced his disapproval through his tweet.

Apart from Ali, comedian Mooro too was seen bashing the video through his tweet.

The backlash from the video, however, led Anwar Maqsood to later retract the video and issue a public apology.

Speaking to SAMAA TV, he said:

I love the soil of Sindh which is why I have never left it. Some of my friends from Sindh are upset because of what I did. I want to apologize to the ones who are hurt.

He revealed that the part he had acted out was meant for the late comedian, Moin Akhtar. He went on to describe Moin  Akhtar as the most versatile actor of all time and called him a legendary actor.

Whatever I wrote down, Moin brought it to life. He was the biggest actor in both India and Pakistan

The apology seemed to mollify Ali Gul Pir who later tweeted his appreciation for the comedian.

However, it seems that the issued apology was not enough to soothe the bruised sentiments of the viewers for they took to Twitter to express their anger.



However, some of his loyal fans stood up for him and forgave him after he issued his apology!


What are your views on this controversy?

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