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TikTok has been that one platform that has provided everyone with an equal opportunity to become famous. Now, while some people use their talent to get recognized, some people try other tactics. These tactics include having fake scandals, incidents, and even deaths. It does bring them in the news, they get followers, and then after some time, they seek social media to explain how it is fake news, and they were innocent in all this.

Adil Rajput Publicity Stunt

It hasn’t been much time really when Adil Rajput, a Tiktoker had adopted this strategy. He wanted to gain followers. His wife was a part of the hoax. She made a video as well where she was crying, confirming the news. It all fell apart when their fans started gathering around their residence and caught a glimpse of Adil walking around very much alive.

Naila Jutt Fakes Death

Naila Jutt, it seems, is following in the footsteps of Adil Rajput. Last week, a picture went viral of Naila Jutt, which claimed that she had passed away. It was circulated in the media with the hashtag #JusticeFornailajutt. And for some reason, such hashtags get viral instantly in our society. So for Naila as well, her picture, as well as the hashtag, became instant news.

Sometime later, Naila came back on social media claiming she did not know what was happening in the media and that her Instagram account had been hacked. She claimed that she was shocked, and she wanted to clarify to her loving fans that she was very much alive. But then some of her voice notes started making rounds on social media. In those voice notes, it was implied that she was very much a part of this plot. And her voice claims that it is an excellent way to increase fan following.

Have a look:

It is just extremely sad how people take the idea of death so lightly. And this is not to comment on whether this was religiously correct or incorrect. It is just about simple ethics. Do they realize how they played with their loving fans who would have been devastated because they genuinely loved their favorite TikTok star?

It is sad how people discount other people’s feelings just for some likes and comments. Will that ever change? Will they come to understand that there are some limits, some boundaries they should never cross? It’s a question only time can answer.

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