Adil Rajput Death
PC: Adil Rajput

Yesterday, the whole of social media was in deep shock as all of a sudden breaking news broke through.

One of Pakistan’s well-known TikTok users with approximately 2.6mn followers, Adil Rajput, was declared dead. It was said that he passed away in a car accident.

His wife even made a video on TikTok in which she is crying her eyes out, confirming that Adil Rajput is no more.

“Adil is no more with us,” she says in the video. Moreover, the video went so viral that his death announcement was even made in the mosque.

The news left many in shock as fans expressed their emotions on various social media platforms thanking the TikToker for the fits of laughter he had given them.

However, then came a twist. His fans started to gather around his residence to express their grief only to find out that he is alive and well and that the news of the accident was nothing but a hoax.

The news of his death in a car accident was a stunt pulled by the husband-wife duo to gain more followers on TikTok.

Furious to know that their sentiments were hurt and played it, several individuals have approached local authorities to start an inquiry against the couple for deliberately hurting public feelings.

Here is the viral video that was posted by Rajput’s wife on their official TikTok account:

That’s not all; social media was left confused as several claims in regards to the reason behind his ‘death’ started to pop-up. According to several tweets, he had ‘received death threats’ weeks ago.

Not too long after that, another video clip of Rajput started to go viral in which he can be wrapped up in bandages with a limp as he makes his way inside his home.

Social Media Reactions To Adil Rajput’s Death Hoax

Here’s how social media reacted after it came to know that Rajput is alive and that the video was nothing but a publicity stunt.

As of now, neither Adil Rajput nor his wife has given an official statement in regards to the hoax.

TikTok Star Daniyal Khan Passes Away

This time last year, in an unfortunate car accident, TikTok star Daniyal Khan had passed away.

He was with three other friends recording a video when the friends crashed into another vehicle. Three of the boys died on the spot while the fourth died in the hospital.

Entertainers must realize that joking about death is a very disgusting and low thing to do. Playing with another human’s sentiments is appalling. There is no way to justify it. Be it a stunt to gain followers or otherwise, authorities need to take action to stop others from taking emotional advantage over fans.

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